Straight Red Eye


Straight Red Eye is the first game that tests your eyes accuracy. Here it is necessary to put the blocks so that they are as close as possible to the standard by location, size and rotation. Points are accrued for each of these components, according to the proven formula they are added to the total account. The better your eyes accuracy is, the more the final score will be!

Also in the game:
6 chapters with several levels in each.
►Design in the style of ancient petroglyphs maden over 5000 years ago.
International table of records for each level.
►Intuitive controls and simple rules of the game.
Unexpected outcome of the story because of which people break their gadgets against the wall.

* Note. - All used petroglyphs are real and very ancient.



The game tests mental calculation. Just answer correctly on the examples written on the bricks and get points! But remember: the more points scored the harder to continue to play.

As the complexity increases the number of operations growns and numbers gets bigger:
- addition
- subtraction
- multiplication
- division

If you want you can save results to our server and try to get in the Top-10 of the world. Try it now!

P. S. This game is free and may have bad translation in some places. Please, offer better one if you know. Thanks!

Oh,my temperament!


We are all born with a different set of genes that determine many of our traits. This also applies to the temperament. Temperament is genetically programmed human characteristic, which can be determined by this application.

To do this you will be offered a test of 57 questions to which answers are "yes" and "no." The questions are very clear and brief that`s why the entire test will take you no more than 10 minutes. After determining temperament with this application you will receive a full description of your type, some worldly advice, familiarity with the method of temperament, information about famous representatives of your type and even a little bit of cats :)

Also with the help of the application you (if you will want of course) can share results with friends. In this case the application will originally place the result on your facebook timeline, twitter or page in vkontakte (!

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